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Making that Fitness Resolution Finally Stick

Ever wondered why your new year’s fitness goals either always fall short of completion or do not produce the results planned? Do you find yourself in a rut, even after sticking to it or even worse, experience a total rebound after you have achieved it? After thousands of hours spent interviewing our clients here at […]

The Best Program

Reg Park’s 5 x 5, Jim Wendler’s 5,3,1, Charles Poliquin’s 10 x 10, Mike Mentzers’ High Intensity Training, or Daniel Vadna’s Body by Rings… Which of the above is the best training program?  The truth is, there is no best training program. And as cliché as it may sound, the best training program for the […]

KETTLESHRED: A Kettlebell Program to Get You Ripped from Home

The COVID pandemic has caused plenty of disruption in one’s daily life and regular gym routines certainly have not been spared.  With working from home being the default, training from home has been almost non-negotiable. Due to the lack of proper equipment and space at home, fitness enthusiasts often rely on HIIT videos found on […]

StrongFirst Level 1 Experience

Shoutout to Coach Christopher I. Barley for sharing his experience of getting the SFG1 Certification. We hope this inspires you and helps you to make the decision to pick up the challenge and get StrongFirst Certified for yourself!  Introduction I’ve always enjoyed competing and finding challenges that push me to my absolute physical limits. Back […]

What to eat for training on a bodyweight strength or callisthenics program?

This will be the ideal guideline for our customers who are on the Elemental Strength program. It is an 8 week bodyweight strength program that you can easily do at home or gym with minimal equipment. Check it out HERE Macronutrients and calories are the key factors supporting your training stimulus to meet the goals […]

Total Lower Body Training with Minimal Equipment

Takeaways: Unilateral training requires the glutes and hamstrings to work more than bilateral work and overall has proven it causes equal if not, slightly more skeletal muscle damage than bilateral training The maximum adaptive volume per week for legs can still be effectively achieved with minimal equipment Do not let the lighter weights or lack […]

4 bodyweight exercises to improve strength

Takeaways: The 1 Arm Push Up, 1 Arm Chin Up, Pistol Squat and the Middle Split Hold are exercises that will build full body strength with minimal equipment The exercises mentioned requires full mobility, stability, and strength to execute with technical proficiency Due to central and peripheral nervous system fatigue, do not attempt the mentioned […]