Group class

All new members begin with mandatory Preparatory Phase (Prep Class) which takes between 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the individual’s training experience, training frequency, mobility limitations or/and learning pace.

In the Prep Classes, you will

  1. Learn the fundamental movement patterns
  2. Achieve basic technical competency in Kettlebell, Barbell & Bodyweight
  3. Improve (aerobic & anaerobic) work capacity
  4. Understand the Higher Performance Training System
  5. Earn your right to join the Group Class training by achieving the prerequisite requirement of technical competency and set standards in strength & aerobic conditioning

The Group Class programme follows a 12-week training cycle with 3 x microcycles (about 3-4 weeks) towards achieving the specific goals (of the phase) for the class.

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Should you have your specific training goals or would like your Strength & Conditioning session to complement your current sport, please check out Customised Programmes.