Dear Members,
Mandatory Temperature screening will commence from 10 Feb (Monday) PM!


1) Take your temperature AND seek clearance from a staff upon entry
– An infrared thermometer gun will be provided
– You may self-service with temperature taking (preferably with another member to counter-check). After which, final clearance must be made by a staff
– Only 1 reading is required. If >37.5°, a second reading will be taken
– Entry will be denied with repeated >37.5° reading. Please see a doctor ASAP, rest assured that your membership/package will be extended.
2) Wash your hands thoroughly with soap immediately after
3) Do NOT touch your nose, mouth & eyes with unwashed hands
4) Use the disinfectant spray BEFORE and AFTER using the equipment
5) Wash your hands after training too!

1) NO training if you have respiratory symptoms (incl. slightest flu, cough & sore throat) & fever; or recovering from a common cold
2) Sessions will be conducted with open doors and fans to increase ventilation
3) Members are allowed to pause their packages/membership
4) Home-based remote programme option is available for Group Class members at $200/4-week.
Existing Customised members may request for home-based programmes.

👍Practice good personal hygiene & social responsibility!
👍Maintain a strong immune system – wise food choices, sleep well, hydrate well, better stress management and exercise regularly with good recovery

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this nCoV season. This too shall pass! 💪🏻

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