At Higher Performance, we are focused on helping you realise your ultimate physical potential.

As a member, you will embark on a Customised Training Programme that entails our training methodology spanning an extensive list of modalities as well as carefully planned training parameters so that we can meet you where you are to bring you where you want to go effectively and efficiently.


We believe that our success is best shown through the achievements of our members. Be it smashing personal bests, fat loss transformations, or honing of technical skills, we truly produce results in performance like no other.

V Sit

200kg Deadlift


09:11 28 Feb 23
The coaches are very warm first and foremost. Very knowledgeable as well. I learnt a lot of good habits working out here. The structure of the class is not conventional but it really works. And I have really enjoyed my time working out with the team here.
Edna LimEdna Lim
07:31 26 Feb 23
Great coaches, intentional programmes, no ego lifting. An all-around judgement-free safe space to train and get stronger alongside folks with different goals and starting points so you won’t feel alone! And there’re cute babies from time to time. WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE???
Shitij NigamShitij Nigam
05:28 26 Feb 23
The best gym program I've been to, hands down. Great trainers who are flexible, knowledgeable, and the results are undeniable - even for full time working adults like me who hardly have time on top of work. Highly recommend
Tarina TayTarina Tay
05:17 26 Feb 23
Have been with the gym for a year odd. I love how this gym is like a family, small community.And also to the lovely coaches who are ever so friendly and patient all the time!
Helen NguyenHelen Nguyen
05:10 26 Feb 23
Higher Performance as a gym is on another level. They are so technical and precise in their training systems and programming. They have experienced and down to earth coaches, and the best community. Can't recommend Higher Performance enough!
Edmund LimEdmund Lim
12:26 25 Feb 23
The coaches and facilities are top notch. There is a strong sense of community. Higher Performance programs are customised to my needs and I see constant progress in my strength and endurance over the years.
Emily GayEmily Gay
01:50 17 Jan 22
Awesome gym! Am impressed by the coaches who know their sh*t and the warmest community I’ve ever met!
05:51 22 Sep 21
this is a gym that customized our personal goal(s)' workout. whilst in class, coach on duty, is constantly checking our forms (esp if engaging the right muscle grps ) and guiding members with their exercises. the coaches are perfectionists with sharp eyes( spotting mistakes) n knowledgeable . definitely not a conventional gym.
Gail LisaGail Lisa
14:53 16 Sep 21
I enjoy working out here. The coaches are experienced professionals, and just simply wonderful people at heart. I feel safe working out here, as the coaches place a strong emphasis on safety and technique. It's a judgement-free zone too - so even though I am a little fry in comparison to the other more seasoned gym-goers, the vibe here is so welcoming and kind that I feel happy and secure going about my workout. It's just a great place to feel stronger, and become stronger 🙂
Joe VuJoe Vu
01:06 05 Jun 20
I joined the training & enjoyed it tremendously & became super fit after a few weeks of training with overall improvements to my body, attained some muscles on my tummy, legs, arms & buttocks! It's a highly accredited gym here & achieved Gold standards in Kettlebell, barbell & body weight training! I love it!


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