#HPStories: Jitha & Shilpa

#HPStories is a series of interviews and articles that features members of the community that trains with us here at Higher Performance. As coaches and staff, we are continually inspired and motivated by the perseverance of our members as we tag along their fitness journeys through life. And we are so proud to share those stories with you!

In today’s edition of #HPstories, we are featuring our members, Jitha & Shilpa

Join us as they share their journey in how training together as a couple motivates them as well as dishing out some of their favourite personal achievements as well! 

Hello you two, thank you so much for joining us today! 

First up, could you share with us a little bit about any fitness training or sport experiences you have had?


In the past, there was Krav Maga, which is an Israeli martial arts training. We did that for about four years. And I was on Level three and at the time I was also training new joiners, so that was fun, but also intensive yoga. But then, I had not really been to a gym.


Likewise, I tried going to the gym apart from Krav and all that. I did try going to the gym a few times before but it never really stuck before I started going to Higher Performance.

Do you feel like training in general has impacted you in your daily life?


Yeah, I’m definitely a lot more active – a lot more. Much better sleep cycles and generally eating better. I think my posture has improved!


For me, what I noticed is that I started looking forward to training. Even if I didn’t train for a few days, I would feel lethargic. So definitely a big difference. And again, versus pre Higher Performance when I never really went to the gym – I think that’s a big, big difference. 

So, I heard that you both train together now?


Yes, we both train together now! But, I started at Higher Performance first. When I moved to Singapore in 2018, Shilpa was still in Kuala Lumpur at that time, so whenever she would come over, for example, every alternate weekend, she would join me at class.  When she finally moved to Singapore is when we started going together. 

Talk about #couplegoals!
Let’s take a moment to ask each of you: What has been your favourite training moment at Higher Performance?


I have to say that my favourite moment was lifting my max deadlift. And second, you know, when without exercising or doing pull ups for a long time, I suddenly did it one day and managed 10!! So that felt really nice in the sense that the system works even when you’re not working on a particular exercise. You’re working on all the related muscles and that does work as well, so that felt really nice. Shil, do you have a favourite training moment?


I’m trying to think.. I don’t know! I think, generally seeing improvement in form and how much that increases strength or makes a difference with the kinds of lifts we do. Or like Jitha had said, the way you do certain other exercises can make a big difference. So, I don’t think I have one particular training moment that sticks out but I think it more like this discovery that has stuck with me.

It’s wonderful to hear how you both resonate similarly in that. Now moving back to a more ‘couple-question’, how does it feel to see your significant other working hard to smash their goals and training?


Yeah, I’ll go first! It feels good to see Shil smashing her goals and training. Looking forward to hitting her best, by the end of May on her birthday, in the deadlift and the chin up as well. So it feels really nice.


For me, yeah, I think we’re both very competitive with each other and in general. So I think it’s quite interesting to see how much Jitha can do with his weights and generally like how powerful he feels or looks in the gym. It also is quite motivating the things that I cannot do and I didn’t know that could be done. Simply because you don’t imagine your body capable of doing certain things and of course, then I see Jitha do things like his deadlifts with having had a history of lower back issues. I think it’s quite motivating and very fascinating.

Shilpa achieving 100kg Deadlift and 2 Chin-Ups

Alright, final question!
If you could be in charge of setting a fitness related goal for each other, what would it be and why?


I would definitely make Jitha do more exercises that improve this lower back because for example, he was the one who introduced me to kettlebell swings. So I have always enjoyed working out with him, especially with kettlebell complexes and I feel quite sad not to see him do it. So yeah, I think I would like to build his confidence with kettlebell work again, specifically swings, and see him do it once again!


This is a dangerous question to answer. Well okay, Shill is already looking at strength. So I think the only other fitness goal that I would add is from a body composition basis.


(Laughing) That’s it? 


So you know, have some body goals too. (laughing) But that’s it! 

Thank you so much for sharing with us your journeys and stories guys! 

Jitha & Shilpa:

Thank you!

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