I embarked on my fitness “Project come-back” with Higher Performance 1 year after giving birth to my first child. I vividly remember my first time back at training, and I could barely complete half the training session.

My goal was to be able to do a pull-up as i had seen countless females at Higher Performance achieve pull-ups with the programme curated by Myren and his team. It was a true inspiration for myself and my “Project come-back”.

Within 4 months of returning back to Higher Performance, I achieved one chin-up unassisted! With the carefully curated training programme that was clear in its objectives, I was able to achieve so many other things I never thought possible, like doing at least 12 standard push-ups, 3 body-weight dips, and 3 unassisted pull-ups as of writing this. All that was needed was showing up, putting in the work and trusting the process, the results are almost guaranteed.