Higher Performance is where the highest quality of training meets impeccable execution. Myren and his team of specially chosen trainers are dedicated to achieving each and every member’s goal – from body composition to winning competitions across any discipline. Their philosophy is simple. Learn from the best and program with vision. Their tenacious endeavour to constantly improve themselves and their members shine in the accomplishments of their members. You simply have to set a goal. Myren and his team will get you there.

Before I joined the gym, I had spent about 6 years in commercial gyms testing out every program I could find online – free cookie cutter ones and supposedly customised training which simply dangled “progressive overload” in its training protocol. Whilst the training cycles would refresh with a new program every few months, one thing never changed – my progress. I had hit a plateau in my training despite all of my best efforts. At a bodyweight of 64kg, my bodyfat percentage was nowhere near my intended levels, with lifts that were far from desirable and most typical of the “gymbro”:

1. Bench – 70kg

2. Squat – 75kg

3. Deadlift – 110kg

4. Bodyweight pullups – 13

The first thing I noticed with the training protocols introduced by Higher Performance is the emphasis on tailoring every single aspect of a training routine to a client’s strengths, weaknesses and goals. The training focused not only on improving my compound lifts but with very specific exercises targeted at strengthening key areas that I was lagging in. And the improvement was drastic. I was quickly smashing Personal Records in a matter of months all whilst improving my body composition.

2 years later, Myren suggested I participated in StrongFirst’s Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC). I’ve never competed under any strength discipline in my years of lifting and I was more than happy to take on this new endeavour.

Prior to programming for the TSC, my lifts had already seen a dramatic improvement:

1. Bench – 90kg (28% increment)

2. Squat – 105kg (56% increment)

3. Deadlift – 140kg (27% increment)

4. Bodyweight Pullups – 15 (15% increment)

5. 5min AMRAP kettlebell Snatches – 100

The customised training protocol I embarked on for TSC is perhaps one of the most taxing training programmes I have ever undergone but it was never too much to handle and yielded exceptional results:

1. Deadlift – 165kg (15% increment)

2. Bodyweight Pullups – 19 (26% increment)

3. 5min AMRAP Kettlebell Snatches – 132 (32% increment)

And defying all of my own expectations, I took 9th in the world under the novice division. Customised training with Myren has yielded some of the best results I have ever seen in my years of lifting. It accelerates the path towards any goal you have and fast-tracks it with intense supervision. The training philosophy and programming is the result of countless hours in seminars, gyms and interviews attended all around the world by Myren and his team to endlessly pursue the most updated and very best of what the industry has to offer. While he would most certainly not admit it, Myren has earned his place in the pantheon of some of the best coaches in the global industry.