Higher Performance has a strong presence of a quality referral network. The first thing I heard about them was they don’t go big on social media. It is the perfect respite from all things metropolitan. The gym is intimate and unconventional. Coaches are always in black training gears (Aww.. I like) – communicating qualities of seriousness, depth and professionalism.

They pride themselves on their thoughtfulness and passion on curating training programs that are hyper personalized, and motivating for their clients. They are insanely results driven. The belief on doing things bigger than yourself makes me stick with them.

My coach, Elaine has a bevy of accreditations and qualifications to her name. Her commitment to results, coupled with a good balance of encouragement and desire to be better each day, has assured me that I’m in confident hands when training with her.


When I first started my training sessions, I was visibly shaking from having to hold myself up, even when most of the work was bodyweight based. As of writing this, i have been training with her for 6 months and can do 5 chin ups and a whole host of other strength feats but that is a story for another day.

She has been very patient with me to spend time understanding my imbalances, observing my natural tendencies, perfecting my form, and finally managing realistic expectations about what we need to do next. She has also invested huge amount of time and effort to design and share a complete but very flexible plan, that allows me to train and become stronger in any environment with whatever I’ve available at home.

What I enjoy the most is seeing how the structured progression of my training rituals being incorporated into my life, with promising and measurable results to make me a stronger person each day. Thank you to wholeheartedly accepting who I am and stripping off the weakest “me” when I first joined!