The Importance of Reverse Dieting

Picture this: It is post fat loss. You have gone through weeks of caloric restrictions and you are hungry. On top of that, your mind cannot help but to wander – taking stock of all the foods you have been craving. This mental state can be a surefire way to reverse all your hard work. […]

Takeaways From Previous Fat Loss Challenge Winners

The year was 2021, and the fat-loss challenge had been issued, but then came the (un)expected plot twist  – the lock down.  Despite the odds, the team at Higher Performance decided to carry on! Kettlebells & equipment were loaned out & new programs were crafted and set in place to help members to continue their […]

Before You Commit to Your Next Fat Loss Challenge…

Before you commit to the next body transformation, there are a few important factors that you should consider. At almost everyone’s point in life, there will come a time where dropping a waist size or the need to get in shape comes to the forefront of our fitness journeys. Something like a body transformation, at […]

The Best Darn Fat Loss Program. Period.

When people think of effective fat loss training, a few methods stand out more than others. Some swear by high intensity interval training (HIIT), others by weights only and some, just with cardio alone. The truth is, all these methods have their merits and they aid in weight loss to some degree.  Now the million […]

Stress & Its Implications on Fat Loss

In today’s society , we are constantly bombarded by stress from all angles. This list does not just include the ones inflicted from training but also encompasses external stressors such as work, relationships, environment… just to name a few. In this article, we are going to touch on the basic endocrinology and why stress, if […]

Utilising Carbohydrates For Efficient Fat Loss

In the first part of this topic, we addressed the problem of diets that are low in carbohydrates. Now in part 2, we want to lay out just how you can utilise carbohydrates to your advantage for a sustainable fat loss phase. The keys to success lie in 2 main points: the timing of consumption […]

Is ZERO Carbohydrates Really The Way To Go?

In today’s post, we want to cover why going without carbohydrates is counterproductive and also share concepts that will help you create an efficient and sustainable fat loss plan.  In the world of fat loss, diet plans such as Atkins or Ketogenic (or keto for short) have become household names that people gravitate to.  The […]

Why Gaining Muscle Helps You Lose Fat

When it comes to fat loss, calorie restriction and excessive cardio is what comes to most people’s minds. Calorie reduction is usually the main factor that gets hammered home. This is accurate, however, we wanted to share with you another aspect that will help with your fat loss journey. This article will help explain why […]

KETTLESHRED: A Kettlebell Program to Get You Ripped from Home

The COVID pandemic has caused plenty of disruption in one’s daily life and regular gym routines certainly have not been spared.  With working from home being the default, training from home has been almost non-negotiable. Due to the lack of proper equipment and space at home, fitness enthusiasts often rely on HIIT videos found on […]

Fallacies of Fat Loss: Spot Reduction and other fallacies

Here is the second installment of fallacies of fat loss. If you did not manage to catch part 1, you may do so here. Fallacy 5: Eating fat is detrimental to fat loss Fallacy 6: Keto is the best way to lose fat Fallacy 7: Fat loss equals muscle loss Fallacy 8: Continuing a calorie […]