My Journey to the Beast: Pressing a 48kg Kettlebell

How do you go from pressing 28kg to 48kg? At under 80kg bodyweight? With a technique-solidifying, base-building, high-volume press plan followed by a strategic peaking effort. But to develop a successful strength program, you need to understand programming fundamentals and your individual training parameters. Here’s how Myren Fu, StrongFirst Certified Team Leader and StrongFirst Elite, […]

How Over Twenty Ladies Did Their First Chin-up Within a Year

Given the absolute strength differences between men and women, a chin-up is an excellent challenge for ladies with strength goals. I train a number of women, so I decided to challenge my students (and myself) by embarking on an audacious one-year long plan to help as many of my female students perform their first chin-up […]

More Mass with Minimal Gear

With training equipment running at an all-time low due to COVID-19 lockdowns, most people have access to nothing but their bodyweight and minimal equipment and are left scratching their heads with what to do besides countless fundamental exercises and “HIIT.” There are only so many dips, pushups, and pullups that one can do when it […]

StrongFirst Level 1 Experience

Shoutout to Coach Christopher I. Barley for sharing his experience of getting the SFG1 Certification. We hope this inspires you and helps you to make the decision to pick up the challenge and get StrongFirst Certified for yourself!  Introduction I’ve always enjoyed competing and finding challenges that push me to my absolute physical limits. Back […]

StrongFirst Courses

1-Day Kettlebell Course The most fundamental and in-depth kettlebell instruction available in a single day. Developed by the founder of the modern kettlebell movement, Pavel Tsatsouline, this Course teaches you the essential skills, techniques, and principles for safe and effective kettlebell training. For all levels. 2 May, Saturday (8.30 – 5 pm)USD 299Higher Performance @ 188-6 […]