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For press coverage and inquiries, please email: train@higherperformance.sg

Each session runs about an hour long. However, occasionally they may end earlier or slightly later due to the daily training programme of the phase. Should you require to end on time, or by a set time, please inform the coach at the start of the session.

The Preparation Phase (Prep Class) is mandatory for all new members. Depending on your training experience, mobility, learning pace and training frequency, the Prep Phase takes an average of 1-2 months.

This is strictly compulsory for all members as there will be Mobility assessment, build motor technical coaching of fundamental barbell, kettlebell and bodyweight, conditioning work and practice sessions which are crucial in ensuring tissue resilience, and preparing the body for the structured training programme during the Group Class. Also, through constant practice, you build motor pattern and create prioception (awareness and positioning of the body), understand the training system (variables, choice of exercise, order, programme design, training log, evaluations) and immense in the Higher Performance environment

This depends on your training goal and timeline to achieve it, and training budget.

For most individuals with no specific training goals, the Group Class suffice in challenging and achieving a holistic Strength, Aerobic Conditioning & Mobility improvement. However, if you’re a competitive athlete or highly motivated individual with a specific performance goal, the 4- or 12-week Customised Programme would work best. It can be carried out in a supervised small-group setting (on-site), at the place of your convenience/hotel gym (off-site) or a combination. Alternatively, if you prefer highest attention adn motivation by a coach, you may opt for Private Session. You may choose to train alone (1-to-1), with a friend/family (Semi-Private, 2-to-1) or your own small group of family/friends/colleagues (Private Group/Corporate).

Generally, we highly recommend attending 1x Group Class (Prep Class) to personally experience the training environment and coaching. This will help you make a better judgement if our training facility will help you achieve your goals.
Do drop us a message if you’re uncertain which service works best for you, or require a special arrangement.

The Prep Classes may sound technical and boring (especially if you have had prior training experience), but trust me, it’s meant to prepare you for the Group Class ahead. There will be a basic evaluation to ensure you’re physically ready for the next level. Hence, it will definitely not be a walk in the park. We train with progressive overload, there will be brief periods of deload/taper (lower volume) to allow recovery between training cycles. Most people enjoy their “protected” learning time during Prep Classes, and I trust that you will learn plenty and appreciate your practice time too.

Whether you’re a total beginner or a lifelong competitive athlete, we are able to adjust the session intensity to your fitness level.

The 3 key objectives of the Prep Class are 1) achieving technical competency in fundamental kettlebell, barbell & bodyweight exercises, 2) provide adequate soft-tissue resilience work and aerobic conditioning prior to Group Class, and 3) to encourage members to challenge thought-process and purpose of programme design.