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When I started my sessions with Chris, my goal was to improve my body composition, strength and overall fitness but i had sustained multiple injuries over my life that proved a challenge. Nevertheless, Chris did an excellent job in not only assessing my needs but curating a program that suits my wants and had the […]

Chris P’s Shrug

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Higher Performance is where the highest quality of training meets impeccable execution. Myren and his team of specially chosen trainers are dedicated to achieving each and every member’s goal – from body composition to winning competitions across any discipline. Their philosophy is simple. Learn from the best and program with vision. Their tenacious endeavour to […]

Higher Performance has a strong presence of a quality referral network. The first thing I heard about them was they don’t go big on social media. It is the perfect respite from all things metropolitan. The gym is intimate and unconventional. Coaches are always in black training gears (Aww.. I like) – communicating qualities of […]

I embarked on my fitness “Project come-back” with Higher Performance 1 year after giving birth to my first child. I vividly remember my first time back at training, and I could barely complete half the training session. My goal was to be able to do a pull-up as i had seen countless females at Higher […]