BSc (Exercise & Sport Science),


Elaine is a Coach and Mobility Specialist at Higher Performance. Her passion as a coach lies in the training of special population clients such as youth athletes, seniors over 60 as well as pre/post-natal clients. Elaine’s main focus for performance based training revolves around her expertise in Kettlebells, Barbells and Bodyweight as training modalities to help improve performance of her clients. In 2022, Elaine developed and opened the first Masters Class at Higher Performance to provide training for clients over the age of 60.

Prior to her Personal Trainer career in 2011, she was a competitive Badminton player, and later a Dragonboater who competed in both regional and national races. She spent 5 years as a Badminton Coach and 4 years as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist with National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI). Elaine continually seeks to expand her knowledge through studying in the areas of exercise physiology, movement, youth & special population training and nutrition.

Elaine is the first female to be a Strongfirst certified Kettlebell instructor in Singapore, the gold standard globally, bar none.