Head Coach,
StrongFirst SG Team Leader & Elite


Myren is the Head Coach at Higher Performance as well as SG StrongFirst Team Leader & Elite. As the founder, his dedication has led to Higher Performance’s success in becoming the go-to location for improving technique and performance with people of all levels. With a speciality in advanced hypertrophy & performance, he frequently trains youth athletes, gym owners, personal trainers, as well as regional and Olympic ranks to achieve their highest levels of performance.

Myren’s interest and strength as a coach lies in the eye for detail in techniques of lifts as well as programming. Having spent many years studying across forms such as pilates, gymnastics, barbell & kettlebells, his understanding of the intricacies of each modality both in form as well as movement is parallel to none. Over the last 8 years, he has also intensively studied the art and science of programming, to continue his pursuit of crafting the most logical and intentional of programs.

His programming for Higher Performance clients are a testament to the success behind the science and precision of his programming. Some of these achievements include an average of 20+ ladies achieving their chin ups within a year, +6.1kg muscle gain in a year from a male client and -14% in body fat in a year from a female client.

As a fitness professional, he continues to travel the world and in order to prepare under the world’s best in the industry. This includes a variety of performance and fitness education, from the names of Pavel Tsatsouline, Charles Poliquin, James Fitzgerald, Prof. Chris Beardsley, Daniel Vadnal and Adam Miller, just to name a few.

Myren is currently working towards continuing his research into the art and science of programming for bodyweight in 2024.