Werner left his corporate job to pursue his passion for fitness coaching, education and physical fitness improvement. Nothing brings a smile to him like seeing clients and members progress with training and become fitter, healthier versions of themselves.

His interest lies in working with beginner to intermediate clients with the goal of improving general fitness. Notable client success includes getting clients pain free from shoulder injuries and improving a client deadlift from 40kg-80kg within a year of training.

Prior to joining Higher Performance, he was an outlet Fitness Team Leader, and freelance Personal Trainer with Fitness First Singapore, where he also helped to deliver monthly training workshops to his peers in areas of basic movement preparation and kettlebells training.

Werner strives to always improve himself as a fitness professional through continuous pursuit of knowledge in areas of strength and conditioning. This includes modalities such as kettlebells and other crossovers, as well as coaching and communication. He is currently working towards being a StrongFirst Elite instructor by 2024.