The process of customisation is an in-depth process that starts with you. To begin, our coaches look at your current abilities in strength expression, pre-existing conditions as well as your personal goals. Your feedback and input as you train also plays an essential role in your programming. You can also expect onsite observations and tweaks made by our team in real time. These factors are all taken into account to formulate the best plan for you!


All new members begin their journey at Higher Performance with a series of Prep Classes that are mandatory to onboard you to our gym. These classes will cover the various modalities and training parameters that we subscribe to. Whether you have had experience or not, our focus here is to help bridge your abilities in technique, mobility and strength through the process of refinement. Our coaches will take you through kettlebells, barbell and bodyweight work to lay down the foundations of your training so you will be able to reach your goals safely and efficiently.


The Tactical Athlete Programme is an undulating periodised programme geared at developing you in multiple fitness qualities. By working across the entire strength continuum, your programme will vary every week in terms of intensity, volume and execution. Cardiorespiratory fitness and general mobility will also be covered in your sessions, so expect to be challenged across the entire fitness qualities week after week. This programme is perfect for those who like variety while not having the stress to decide on a specific skill or goal.


Our Functional Hypertrophy Programme is 33 weeks long and covers all 3 mechanisms of hypertrophy (metabolic, volume of tension and intensity). Unlike the typical ‘4 sets of 12 repetitions’, you can expect phases of a metabolic burn, high volume of tension and high intensities. These have all been incorporated into one big macrocycle so you can become as strong as you look. If putting on some muscle and gaining strength is in your purview, then this programme is just the thing for you.


Our Strength Programme – these 22 weeks of dedicated training guarantees to increase your numbers in major lifts such as weighted pull ups, bench, squats and deadlifts. With a keen focus on skillful practice, strength building as well as the full expression of strength, we cover practically all aspects of the strength continuum. We promise that this training will lead you to develop your max strength!


Fat Loss Programme consists of a fine-tuned 13 week programme that is meant to shred you up, but not in a way that you would conventionally think. The training focuses on both strength and metabolic components (a.k.a. heavy lifting and conditioning) to allow the body to shift its fuel utilisation. Not to forget, an easy to follow macronutrient plan that includes carbohydrates as well as regular monitoring of your progress to ensure healthy and sustainable results. Whether it be for losing fat for health or to get shredded, this programme is bound to get you the fat loss results you desire!


Our Physique Programme was created with specific muscular development in mind. When it comes to aesthetics, the requirements of one’s training involves a particular precision in order for you to maximise your physical development. Nutritional guidelines will be provided to help optimise your physique goals.


The Skill Specific Programme allows you to work towards specific skills such as the back lever, pull up, 1-arm push up, and other skills in a safe and effective manner. By using a variety of modalities and not just bodyweight, this periodised training covers the practice of skills while working on the weaker links with other modalities to specifically target the different strength curves. This mitigates overuse injuries to allow you to stay safe while you chase your skill!


General Fitness is a great programme for members looking to maintain all aspects of fitness despite a busy schedule. The programme will encompass 5 main aspects of fitness: hypertrophy, strength, aerobic capacity, mobility and power. Members can expect to be exposed to various forms of stimuli to cover each aspect. Each cycle will span 2-3 weeks, making it the perfect programme to make decent gains without the stress of specialisation.


Goal Specific Programmes are formulated with the exact amount of rigour and precision needed to help members accomplish their specific fitness certifications and challenges. Whether it be Strongfirst certification, sport-specific, fitness competitions or even IPPT, members can expect highly specific exercise selections and the training of the most appropriate energy system. The duration of these programs will vary based on current baseline fitness as well as the goal. You can be assured that every element is tailored with your best chance of success in mind!


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