Whether you are aiming for Fat-Loss or Hypertrophy (aka muscle growth); we have the programs just for you. Our programs tie into the aspect of nutrition; taking into account individuals’ food history, current lean body mass and training status.

Wondering if this is for you? 

Fat-Loss program is for individuals whose body fat levels run above the healthy range or for people who are already lean and want to look their best. Hypertrophy is for individuals who want to put on muscle, look better, and function better for sports or daily life.

Higher Performance has developed our very own 7 Levels of Strength for individuals. This program entails every aspect of strength that includes upper body, lower body, core and aerobic capacity; comprising almost every modality from gymnastics, kettlebell and barbell.

Wondering if this is for you? 

This strength program is for individuals that want to exceed themselves in the game of strength. If you are looking to be well-rounded and reach insane levels of strength, this is the program for you.

Our Holistic Fitness programs are catered to those who want to keep fit and have a little of everything in the realm of fitness. Programs consist of shorter blocks of intervals that touch on strength, muscle building, fat loss, mobility as well as aerobic conditioning. 

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Without the stress of evaluation and competition, Holistic Fitness programs are highly recommended for individuals who have a busy schedule or just want to maintain a decent level of all rounded fitness.

Our Sport Specific programs are specially curated by our team (made up of ex-national coaches), who are proficient in improving your performance along with state of the art equipment. 

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If you are looking to excel in your sport, find complementary forms of training to improve your athleticism, or needing guidance in your off-peak training; we will be able to provide a highly specialised program that focuses on your progress as an athlete.  Afterall, you deserve nothing but the best.

As the HQ of StrongFirst Singapore and Myren as Team Leader, we have deliberately curated a host of programs for StrongFirst related certifications and events. We run StrongFirst Level 1/ 2, Barbell and Bodyweight Certification and Challenges such as Beast Tamer, Iron Maiden, Simple & Sinister and the Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC).

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If you want to excel and compete in Tactical Strength Challenges, or simply want to improve across Kettlebell, Barbell and Bodyweight strength specific to all things StrongFirst, you’ve come to the right place.